As salaamu alaikum, as some of you may know we have experienced a delay in dispatching August orders due to the owner of The Souq going into pre-term labor unexpectedly. With that said, all orders made in August will be shipped at the beginning of September due to maternity leave. We are working on contacting our customers who have placed orders and we appreciate your patience! Due to the request of customers we have not shut off the ordering system on the website, but do understand orders will not mail out until September. Thank you all for your concerned emails and prayers, sister Lazeena and her baby are doing well by the Grace of Allah, alhamdulillah!

Welcome to The Souq!

The Souq is an online business providing high quality and unique items; scarves/hijabs, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and snacks. Here at The Souq, rest assured that you’ll find exceptional products at an unbeatable price! We specialize in providing Islamic garments and headscarves, but our products are meant for everyone to enjoy. Scarves can be worn to cover your hair, fashionably wrapped around your neck, or elegantly draped along your shoulders. We ship worldwide!

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